I'm Elle, the other half of boomer and bloomer. I am a skydiving, former firefighter that loves a good challenge. I am 28 years young and VERY green to cycling. Until about a year ago, I hadn't owned a bike in 10 years!!! My current job is being the Marketing Manager of Wheel Sport Bikes (which is how this brainchild of a trip came to fruition). My Background and prep for this trip is pretty much a love for the outdoors, hard work, and being told you probably won't end up doing this. My hope for this blog is to document what it feels like to be the "bloomer" in a sport. Showing how being naive can be helpful at times but also a hindrance. 

If you want to know more about me, share your own experiences, or have any tips for me feel free to shoot me an email. Service will be spotty so be patient with me!  



Hi all!

I’m Cheryl, I make up the (baby) boomer part of this duo. Age, experience, and organization is my contribution to the trip.  I have been enthusiastically cycling down the road and trail since 1980 and I have ridden the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route from Fresno, CO to its terminus at Antelope Wells, NM. I love to test my physical grit, (I ran the Boston Marathon four times) and to sooth my soul watching the birds (I have 350 species of birds on my life-list.) I am the list maker and planner for the trip. Although Elle and I met working at Wheel Sport Bicycles, I furloughed myself during the pandemic.  What better way to spend my time away from work than passing cycling skills down to a friend. Happy trails all!



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