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Day 3. When will this uphill end...

Tuchuck Campground to Red Meadow Lake. Mileage total: 73.8miles.

Written by: Elle (The bloomer)

Today started with not a lot of excitement. Woke up around 6:30 am, boiled some hot water, and had Starbucks and brown sugar oatmeal. We departed from Tuchuck around 9am and headed to our next destination, Red Meadow Lake.

Most of the ride was a mix of downhill and uphill for 25 miles. The last 5 miles however kicked my ass. Pushing your bike seems so much more exhausting than riding it. I think I pushed my bike for 2+ miles. When we started climbing up the hill I had ridden past Cheryl. I assumed I would be sitting at camp waiting for her arrival. This was not the case....

This climb wiped me out so much and I had to get off and push so often I remember struggling to push anymore and eventually Cheryl caught up from behind. When she finally caught up to me she asked if I wanted to stop and break for a second. It sounds like a nice thought, but when you are on an incline, in direct sun, and the second you stop moving black flies swarm you. You want to do anything but stop. So we persisted on and cursed the sky wondering when will this hill end.

Finally, we turned the corner and were gazing at the picturesque Red Meadow Lake. It's easy to see why it is such a popular camping site. It took us a minute to find where we would put stakes in the ground for the night and while trying to find a spot I felt like I needed to stop and eat something. The only food I had left was peanut butter packets. So I ate one of those super fast. Shortly after, I felt like gaging and it took me a minute to feel better. A quick jump in the lake also brought life back into me.

Once we had settled in and started cooking our Mountain House dinner a very nice couple walked by and offered us a beer. Of course, we accepted! It ended up being another exhausting early night for us. We zonked out at 7 pm woke up around 8 pm and talked until 11 pm.

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