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Day 4: Who's ready for pizza!?

Red Meadow Lake to Whitefish. Mileage total: 103.5 miles.

Written by: Elle (The bloomer)

Woke up this morning pretty refreshed with one thought on my mind PIZZA! Today we are headed to the town of Whitefish for our first rest day. We already have our hotel booked and are thinking about all the food we will be eating. For the past three days, it's been nothing but oatmeal, tuna, apple sauce, and peanut butter. Overall today was a good day. The sky was overcast and the temperature was cool. It was a nice break from the last 3 days of constant sun and bugs. To top it off, the route consisted mostly of downhill biking, which gave our buts a nice break.

The only downside was it was still dry and dusty on the trail. At one point 4 four-wheelers rode by us and completely dusted us out. There was so much dust in the air we couldn't even see a few feet in front of us. Once we finally made it off the dirt and on to pavement we had 8 miles left to go.

It seems like all the hills are always left for the end of the day! Fortuntiallty it was on the pavement. As we were riding into town, I remember looking back and seeing two bikers way behind us. Then out of nowhere, they were passing us. Mind you though they had road bikes that looked like they weighed 5lbs and no gear on their bikes. I yelled at them "Must be nice to ride with no weight!" They just smiled.

As we came down that final hill into town, the very first building we saw said "PIZZA" in huge letters. We were still a few more miles from downtown Whitefish and the hotel, but we were ready for real food. To make it even better it also happened to be Wing Wednesday! It felt nice to be back in civilization with food and phone service. After we had our fill of pizza, we had to continue back on the bikes to our hotel. While on the road a truck with a Trump flag was driving by, doing nothing, but Cheryl still felt it necessary to flip the off. So they of course honked and then she got upset that they honked at her lol.

The Stumptown hotel was a nice place to stay. About 1.5 miles from downtown, so we got out of the busy trafficked roads. We were also allowed to bring our bikes into the hotel room which was on the second floor (not too many stairs to go up). The last thing that was nice was the laundry. After 4 days of no shower and one change of clothes, we were starting to smell. You know it's bad though when you are used to it and can't even smell how much you stink.

After cleaning ourselves and our clothes we decided to hit-up downtown and grab some appetizers and drinks. We found a nice place with a rooftop bar and a live band playing that night. They also had a drink called "The Divide", how fitting. It was definitely a good way to end the first four days of the trip. Walking back to the hotel all I was thinking was I couldn't wait to sleep in an actual bed and have a rest day.

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