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Day 5. Rest Day.

Whitefish. Mileage total: 103.5 miles. (no riding today)

Written by: Elle (The bloomer)

Today was our rest day and it was nice! I still woke up around 6am but was able to stay cozy in bed until about 7am. Then it was just a slow morning of TV and coffee before we headed out for breakfast. On the way to breakfast, we saw an older woman and man across the street holding up signs about anti-abortion. Cheryl, being who she, is decided to yell at them across the street about condoms and birth control. I personally didn't want any part in the conversation so I just kept on walking. My focus was breakfast and that was it.

When Cheryl was done having her tiff, she finally caught up and we continued to breakfast. We chose a place called Loula's. A very busy little cafe. I think we waited for a table for about 45 minutes, but boy was it worth it. We ended up getting the daily special which was maple bacon french and one of the best cappuccinos I've had in a long time. So much foam!!! After breakfast, we didn't have a game plan so we just roamed around to some of the local bike shops, took in the scenery, and headed up to Whitefish Mountian.

We didn't stay up there too long. Since we had just ridden 100 miles on a bike, a long hike didn't sound all that appealing to us. So we just took a stroll through the flowers and took some photos. After a few more errands and restocking our food supply for the next couple days we stopped in for some Phat Thai, and then off we went to pack and prepare for more miles the next day.

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