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Day 1. Getting the hang of things.

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

This blog is from the perspective of Elle (the boomer).

Sunday, August 9th was the beginning of our journey on The Great Divide trail. I remember waking up that morning and thinking god it's early.... it was 7 am.... not that early. In fact, this would be the day I slept in the most for the entire trip.

Cheryl and her husband Aaron arrived to pick me up around 7:30 am and as I was grabbing my things, they had looks of concern on their faces.

They saw I was bringing along a camelback that holds about 3 liters of water. They said that it is going to kill your back, there is no way you will want to carry that much weight on you. I stood there for a second contemplating what I should do. With how I had my bike setup, I didn't have much room for water bottles. Also, anyone that knows me, knows I drink a ton of water. So I just said, I will deal, if it gets too heavy I will just dump some out (I never did).

Once we had everything packed up, we began our long 5-hour drive to Eureka. Most of our conversations were just getting to know each other. We had only hung out a handful of times before we decided to take a 3-week trip together. So this trip would either closen our friendship or make us part ways afterward. As we rolled into Eureka we contemplated if we just wanted to start in Eureka or be official and start right at the border.

We figured it would be best to start at the border and bike the 11 miles to camp, just to get our feet wet. Looking back these 11 miles were a breeze compared to the other days. The route was all paved, with mild hills, nothing exciting to write about.

We arrived in the town and the first thing that caught my eye was a big sign for homemade ice cream. Of course, we had to stop. The man who owned the shop came out and chatted with us. He was an inline skating motorcyclist who said most bike people he meets are assholes, but we were nice.

Once we got to our camping spot, which was pretty much just a park in the middle of Eureka. We set up our tent and made some instant mash potatoes (pretty good). We met another local while eating dinner and he talked our ears off about the danger of BEARS (never saw a bear). He told us all about string up our food which made Cheryl paranoid and scared so we decided to hang our food in a tree in the park. Our first attempt at it Cheryl hit herself in the face with a rock. We learned to stand clear from that time on lol. That was day one short, sweet, easy.

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